Partner Programme

At Vortex we know that choosing a new stick can be hard. With fewer specialist shops on the high street it means that trying a stick before you buy is becoming more difficult. We understand that players need to have confidence in the kit that they use and that they want to be able to buy from somebody they trust. That's why we have created our partnership programme to develop a network of ambassadors at clubs who can represent Vortex and distribute our sticks through their hockey network.

This partnership enables players to test the sticks for touch and feel before they buy but also importantly offers an opportunity for our brand ambassadors to share in the revenue generated from each sale. We handle all the logistics through our online platform and will arrange delivery and returns if needed, so it just leaves our brand ambassadors to focus on introducing more players to Vortex.

In return for all their efforts, we offer our brand ambassadors:

20% of the sale price of the first 10 sticks that they sell

25% of the sale price of the next 20 sticks that they sell

30% of the sale price of any further sticks that they sell

We are happy to work with players, coaches, umpires or even clubs as a whole. If you think that you might be interested in representing Vortex we would love to here from you by email at