Junior Sticks

Our F1 junior hockey sticks are designed for maximum skills and powerful hitting and they are built to last. With a mid-bow design the F1 is perfect for close control and 3D skills. We have incorporated Dual-Core stiffening through the shaft of the stick and our Reinforced Aramid Zone in the head as well as our silicone shock dampening translucent grips. Reverse stick skills are particularly easy with our mid- bow design and younger players will notice the difference immediately when compared to cheaper hockey sticks. The blend of carbon and fibre glass in the composition is designed for junior hockey stars so that the stick delivers power to hits but the head is designed to be forgiving as skills develop. The F1 is perfect for lifting the ball, drag flicks and aerials as well as strong accurate hitting.

Vortex are the first hockey brand to use translucent shock dampening grips so that the stick’s graphics are on shown up through the handle. Not only is the F1 the best stick for junior hockey players is the best looking stick available. Being the coolest kid on the pitch often matters more than it should but who wants to be dull. There is no compromise in F1 Hockey Stick, it plays brilliantly and it looks amazing.

Because a junior stick is shorter it will be stiffer that a similar adult stick so in order to make the stick with the correct flex we have substantially reduced the carbon content. This allows a younger player to hit the ball properly and reduces the cost of manufacturing so we can offer the F1 at fantastic prices. We don’t recommend a child using an adult stick as they will not have the power to make the stick flex properly.

Advice on Selecting a Junior Hockey Stick:

The hockey stick should come up to the hip of the player. There are some very cheap hockey sticks on the market and choosing the right one for a child can be very confusing. Most hockey clubs have a selection of junior sticks available for children to use and whilst your child is deciding whether hockey is for them we recommend that they use a club stick. We strongly recommend that you buy a stick that is made of composite materials and not from wood. There are two reasons for main reasons for this. Firstly, a cheap wooden headed stick has a very high chance of falling apart very quickly and secondly, a wooden headed stick cannot strike the ball as well as a composite one so your child will be disadvantaged. Some manufacturers are a bit sneaky and disguise a wooden stick with clever paint work so it is worth checking before you buy.

The graph below gives a guide for stick length selection and the key numbers are:

Around 4ft high a child should probably use a 30” stick

Around 4ft 6inch high a child should probably use a 32” stick

Between 4ft 8inch and 5ft child should probably use a 34” stick

Over 5ft a child should use a 35” stick

We don’t recommend a child using an adults stick until they are well developed as they will not have the strength to make the stick flex properly when hitting. Most adult sticks will be too stiff for anyone other than a “young adult”.