Vortex - F1 Junior - 34"

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Stand out in style with the Vortex F1 Junior composite hockey stick. Combining the technology from our adult range and the instinctive look created by our translucent grip, the F1 is a perfect stick for any junior player.

The traditional shape, weight and balance mean that the F1 is a cracking all-rounder and is an excellent entry point to the Vortex range. This is a great stick to adapt you ready for using one of our senior sticks. You’ll be able to step up to a high-level senior stick when you need something longer.

Techncial Details

This junior stick is forged with 20% triple baked and frozen carbon and 80% fibreglass. Triple baking and freezing the carbon increases the tensile strength of the stick and brings a great balance of power and durability. The mixing in of the fibreglass ensures that he stickt is not too stiff and provides a forgiving touch for all players.

Unwanted vibrations have long been a problem particualt for junior players on a cold winter's morning. We have tested many different methods and have found that the silicone gel properties in our grips provide supreme shock dampening, reducing vibrations to an absolute minimum. Plus our see through grips also look very cool!

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