Vortex - F6

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1 unit

The F6 stick provides a perfect blend of cutting edge design and power which makes it a great all rounder for any player. 

The curve of the stick and the concave groove built into the face make drag flicking and lifting the ball for 3D skills effortless and will help enhance even the most experienced players game. We combine this with a more traditional thickness and weight to the F5, which enables a greater amount of power transfer to ensure that whether your smashing the ball at goal or crashing a 40 yard pass from the back this stick has your back!

The F6 is available with a traditional grip or a chamoir leather grip (pictured).

Technical Details

The stik is 90% carbon and has a 24.75mm extreme low-bow profile.The shaft features a more traditional thickness  and incorporates a dual core design, reinforced by vari-directional carbon, Taiwanese triple twill carbon overlay and a power spine that reinforces the stick through to the head. The backhand edge has been reinforced with a Power Rail for strength and power when hitting on the reverse.

The face of the stick features a 3mm concave groove for ultimate control and maximum power generation when drag flicking. The face also features a "touch" rough surface to aid with non-slip and ball control. Underneath the surface, a layer of heat-treated, bonded Aramid has been applied to the head, heel and Power Rail for increase durability and strength.

The F6 features an octagonal shaped handle for precise control and increased grip.

BLADE PROFILE: 24.75mm | CURVE LOCATION: 200mm | BLADE SHAPE: Extreme Low-Bow Maxi