Vortex - F4

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The F4 stick offers a more traditional shape then our F5 and F6 sticks but still combines the design elements and technical qualites of our premium sticks. 

The gentle mid-bow provides a less extreme curve then the F6 and F5 and is a great stick for those whose game is more based on consistent hitting or dribbling, rather than 3D skills or drag-flicks. The F4 is made with a little less carbon and therefore is not as stiff as some other premium sticks which provides a more forgiving touch for those that need it.

The F4 features or translucent grip which as well as dampening vibrations also offers a striking design, different to any stick on the market.

Technical Details

The F4 is 80% Carbon and has a 24mm advanced mid-bow profile. The shaft incorporates a dual core design, reinforced by vari-directional carbon, Taiwanese triple twill carbon overlay and a power spine that reinforces the stick through to the head, generating exceptional power transfer to the ball. The increased level of Aramid (20%) provides more 'feel' when handling the ball. The back hand edge has been reinforced with a power rail for strength and power when hitting on the reverse.

The face of the stick has 'touch' rough surface to aid with non-slip and ball control. Underneath the surface, a layer of heat-treated, bonded Aramid has been applied to the head, heel and Power Rail for increase durability and strength.

The F4 features a round shaped handle for fluid hand movement and control when dribbling and executing skill. Our silicone gel shock absorbing, translucent grip dampens vibrations and gives optimum feel.

BLADE PROFILE: 24 mm | CURVE LOCATION: 220mm | BLADE SHAPE: Advanced Mid-Bow